Summer Bucket List 2013, Part II

Summer is on the way out.

Summer is on the way out.

Time to revisit my summer bucket list post from May.  I’m not sure how well I did.  Let’s check it out.

Watch seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Game of Thrones!  I’ve been reading the books (awesome!), but we didn’t have HBO before we moved, and they haven’t replayed season 1, so I’m way behind!
Nope.  But I have watched season 1.
Figure out how I am going to make it to Hawaii with my husband and younger son to visit my older son who is stationed there with the Navy.
Nope.  But I am meeting him elsewhere next month.
Unpack more boxes that are taking up valuable space in the garage and keeping my car out.  Note: should be completed before a hurricane comes.  The car is safer in the garage.
Yep.  I still have several boxes to go, but I made a good dent, and the car is in the garage.
Get back to scrapbooking on a regular basis.  Moving and packing up the supplies really put a damper on one of my favorite past times.
Yep.  I went on a crop weekend, have created some cards, and am back on a roll (slow, but still a roll).
Take more pictures!  So many beautiful blogs with gorgeous photos are out there.  I’m inspired.
Maybe.  I am taking more pictures, but still not enough.  Seems I spend too much time behind the computer.
Get to know the neighbors.
Yep.  Have had a few barbeques and such.  Nice people.

Explore my new city more.
Ehh.  I’ve done a little.  I should get out there and take pictures while I am at it.
Use FaceTime!  Every time I use it, I love it, but I always forget about it when I make a call.  It’s so great to actually see your friends and family when you are catching up.
Nope.  I still forget, and sometimes I just don’t want the other person to see me.
Read more fabulous books.  Send me some recommendations!
Yep.  I joined a community book club and have completed several books.  My favorite so far:  The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman.  Superb book.  I highly recommend it.

Well, I’m slightly ahead on my list.  How did you do on yours?

2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2013, Part II

  1. Shana Norris

    Natalie, it sounds like you’ve had a fun summer. Your new neighborhood sounds quite sociable, with the cook outs and book group. We’re in a small town now, where everyone knows everyone (or so it seems) but I would have given anything to have had that sense of community in some of the suburban neighborhoods I used to live in!

    1. Post author

      Thanks, Shana, we are pretty lucky with the neighborhood. A lot of nice people, and a lot of kids. Looking forward to Halloween!

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